Paper Fan Pumpkin

Kids will love decorating with these simple paper fan pumpkins.


Double Sided Tape
Hole Punch
Quill A4 Board – Black, Green and White
Quill A4 Paper – Orange

  1. Take one sheet of A4 orange paper and fold 1cm along the long edge. Flip the sheet over and make another fold 1cm. Continue flipping and folding along the entire of the length of the paper to create accordion style pleats.

    Fold the fan in half and staple the edges together.

    Create four of these fans.

  2. Staple the four fans together to create a circle.

    Cut out leaves, eyes, a nose and a mouth.

  3. Use double sided tape to attach the leaves, eyes, nose and mouth.

    Punch a hole in the stem/leaves for easy hanging.