Tree Silhouette Collage Activity

This simple collage is easy to create and is a great tactile art project. Suitable for both aged care and preschool groups.

Purpose: Cultural & Artistic Expression (Art Therapy). Diversionary / Recreational Activity. Hand-Eye Co-ordination & Motor Skills.

Suitable for Dementia & Cognitive Impairment.



Brenex Gloss Paper Triangles
Quill A4 Cover Paper – Black
Stick Glue


  1. Use one sheet of A4 Quill Cover Paper Black as the base of the art project.

    Gather a range of coloured Brenex Gloss Paper Triangles.

  2. Begin arranging the coloured triangles onto the base cover paper.

    Glue the coloured triangles via the glue stick.

  3. Build the collage with layers of coloured triangles, until the entire sheet of cover paper is covered.
  4. Using a pencil, draw a tree silhouette on another sheet of black cover paper.
  5. Carefully cut out the tree silhouette using scissors.
  6. Apply glue to the side of the tree silhouette that was drawn on.

    Glue the tree to the collage background.